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Network Security

Securing your business systems against ever increasing threats

Do you find yourself stressed out over the possibility that your business data may not be safe from hackers, malware, and viruses? How about the risks of internal threats and accidents like lost laptops or flash drives? When you retain customers’ sensitive information, network security isn’t just for your own protection.

You Aren’t As Secure As You Think

Last year, over 72% of known hacker breaches were targeted at businesses with 100 or less employees

Why? Because 50% of small businesses think they’re too small to be a hacker target. The majority of these businesses don’t utilize proper web filtering, don’t use antivirus on their desktops, have no formal written security policy and still believe they’ve taken adequate measures to keep their data safe. Sound familiar?

Sadly, many companies don’t recover from a serious security breech. They often suffer devastating financial damages. What ultimately drives these companies to file bankruptcy is the hit they’ll take to their reputation and the customers they’ll eventually lose. Are you willing to take that risk?

Network Security And Web Filtering Features

Our full-service suite of security products will provide your business with the benefits of …

Extensive Virus Scanning

Everything entering and leaving your network will be scanned by system-based as well as gateway-based antivirus systems ensuring nothing is missed

Comprehensive Web Filtering

Cut down on the number of distractions and boost employee productivity by selecting what content and applications are allowed on your network during business hours

Inbound Access Protection

Only approved business applications, vendors, employees and systems will be allowed to access your network – keeping all the harmful from ever touching your data

Detailed Network Reports

You’ll have access to detailed reports that will show you what employees are doing, when they are doing it and how it affects your business network resources

FREE DOWNLOAD: A Checklist For Effective Web Protection

With the number of threats to business and client data increasing daily, an effective protection strategy requires policies to reduce the surface area of an attack and protection to block attacks at every layer. Download our FREE checklist to see where your business currently stands …

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