• Claim Your 2-Hours Of Free Support!
  • Terms And Conditions:
    Only valid for new clients and may not be transferred, sold or traded to another company

    Business must be a legal entity and have 10 or more systems

    The 2-hours of free service will expire 12-months after the date of activation

    The bearer is not obligated to purchase any additional services upon redemption of the voucher

2-Hours Of Free Computer Support

No Risk. No Obligation. We just want to provide you with quality support

Like many others, you may think we’re crazy for giving away our services for free. However, if you’ve landed on this page, there is a good chance you’ve been disappointed, let down and even burned by a less-than-competent IT provider at some point in the past. Looking back, don’t you wish there was a way to “test drive” their services before you made a commitment to them?

This is why we are making this offer. We believe we are the best at what we do but don’t think it’s fair for you to risk your money to find out. Even with that strong of a statement, we don’t expect everyone to become a customer but we do know that many will end up becoming loyal, long-term clients who’ll no longer have to worry about their technology situation.

Why Is This Important To You?

Because that recurring “glitch” could be a sign of a much deeper problem.

Because there are at least 5 ways hackers and viruses can access your network– undetected—to embezzle your information, steal your identity, and use your network as a conduit for spreading spam, viruses, and even illegal software.

Because there are numerous system checks and updates that should be done on a regular basis to ensure maximum speed, performance, and security.

Because “backup” methods that business use are not true backup methods that can help save your business in the event of a disaster.

Because what should concern you the most is the fact that we’ve never audited a small business network and NOT discovered security or stability “time-bombs” that were major disasters waiting to happen.

Do you really need more reasons why?

Your 2-Free Hours Can Be Used To …

  • Fix a printer that doesn’t like to work correctly
  • Stop the constant barrage of pop-up ads or spam email
  • Fix an application that is giving you an error message, hangs or just crashes
  • Check a system for a possible virus or malware infection
  • Setup that “cool new gadget” you got but is still in the box
  • Speed up a computer that constantly runs slow or crashes for no reason
  • Fix any other kind of technology-related problem you no longer want to deal with!