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Thinking About Switching IT Providers?


9 Questions To Ask An Outsourced IT Provider

A quick guide to see if an IT company has your best interests in mind

Not all IT companies are the same. Some are just out to make money off of your pain by fixing systems only when they’re broken and try to sell you new equipment when they can’t fix it. These kinds of companies don’t help you make technology into the vital business asset it should be.

So how do you find a company that isn’t just looking to make money from your pain? Ask the following questions when interviewing outsourced IT providers to help figure out whether they really have your best interests in mind.

#1 – How Do You Stay Ahead Of Evolving Technologies?

Technology is constantly changing and they should have some way of keeping their skills sharp. Do they attend workshops, industry events or conferences? Do they provide ongoing training for employees? A good IT provider will always look for ways to evolve their business alongside new technology

#2 – Have You Worked With Other Businesses In My Industry?

If they work with other businesses in your industry, they’ll be more likely to know how to help you with experience they’ve gained. They’ll also better understand your business processes, the third party vendors you deal with and the terminology you use on a daily basis

#3 – How Proactive Are Your IT Solutions?

You don’t want a company that you only hear from when there’s a problem. They should be performing regular maintenance to ensure that your technology experiences as little downtime as possible

#4 – What Kind Of Options Do Your Offer For Your Services?

When it comes to technology, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is unique and should be treated as such. Ask for options and get a full explanation of each one

#5 – What Kind Of Cyber Security Services Do You Offer?

Turn on the news and you’ll hear about another business getting hacked. Just because your business isn’t as big as JP Morgan or Home Depot, doesn’t mean that you aren’t a target. A good outsourced IT company will make the security of your network a top priority. When asking this question, look for a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to security – not a simple solution

#6 – What Kind Of Business Continuity Services Do You Offer?

A business-closing disaster doesn’t always come in the form a natural weather or building fire event. Theft, accidental deletion and hardware failure are some of the leading causes of data loss and business service interruption. A good IT company will have a detailed plan on how they intend to protect your important business data and get your business back up and running if something did happen

#7 – What Are Your Policies Regarding Response Times?

An outsourced IT company becomes an extension of your business. Just like hiring an employee, you’ll want to know how and when you can reach them. Some companies offer 24×7 support while others only offer 8×5 support. Make sure support you are receiving is what makes the most sense for your business and know how the IT company’s policies will affect your own

#8 – Do You Have Case Studies Or Testimonials For Existing Clients?

When you hire new employees, you ask for references. Why not do the same for an outsourced IT provider? Find out what they’re like to work with and get supporting answers on the questions above. A great IT consulting company will produce these throughout their sales process

#9 – What Are Your Company’s Core Values?

Ultimately, you are looking for a long term relationship with your outsourced IT provider. You need to be able to trust them, count on them and know that their goals are aligned with yours. You’ll want a company that can you can communicate with easily (no geek speak), has detailed invoicing and reporting and never rushes to the easiest solution

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